Selection of Prepared Chips

Our Story

Since our foundation we have seen our business grow to the extent that we now operate the largest vegetable processing site in the country. Our customer base has grown also, and while our original brief was to supply caterers in the midland region we now supply and service customers all over the country and in many sectors, including manufacturing, catering, wholesale and food service.
Milne Foods Ltd is a family owned and managed business, and operate one of Ireland's largest vegetable processing plants, based in Birr in Co Offaly.
Milne Foods Ltd was founded and commenced trading in 1992 when Pat Milne who have been trading Fresh Fruit & Vegetables from parent company M Milne & Sons Ltd for three decades previously. Milne Foods began with a staff of five people preparing, packaging and delivering finished product to just a few customers.
From the beginning all machinery purchased was done so to cater for more than double existing capacity, this ensured that whatever capacity was required at that time could be catered for. From 2007-2011 the company upgraded its Plant and Equipment with the purchase of new High-Tec potato sorting, weighing and packaging machinery. Milne Foods has one of the most advanced potato peeling lines in Europe.
The company is constantly looking at ways of improving performance increasing efficiencies and streamlining operations and takes a strong approach to NPD to establish new lines to service our customers with the most up to date products. Where possible we will work with Irish suppliers and have over the past 20 years developed strong relationships with Ireland’s best growers.
Customer satisfaction with emphasis on quality and innovation are central to our focus at Milne Foods Ltd. At Milne Foods we ensure compliance with all regulations and aspire to be ‘best in our field’ when it comes to quality products and service. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality prepared and wholesale produce, finished to the highest standard. We deliver nationwide and ensure that our customers get the freshest quality products at all times.