Prepared Vegetables Products

A Small selection of Potato, Vegetables, Salads, and Mixes that we produce. All products come in various pack sizes and cut specifications and can be manufactured to your requirements. 

Potatoes Peeled  
Potatoes Peeled Mini Roasters    
Potatoes Diced Various
Potatoes Sliced Various 6mm sliced
Potatoes Wedges (skin off)  
Potatoes Shredded  
Chips Hand Cut Potatoes Peeled (25x25mm)
Chips Skin-On Chipping 14x14mm
Chips Superb Chipping 14x14mm
Chips Chunky Chipping 20x20mm
Washed Salads  
Catering Mixed Leaves Escarole/ Frisée/ Raddiccio/ Lollo   500g pack
Iceberg Iceberg   500g pack
Brussel Sprouts peeled
Broccoli     Florettes          
Cauliflower Florettes          
Green Cabbage Shredded
White Cabbage Shredded  
Red Cabbage Shredded
Celery Diced
Leeks Sliced  
Mushrooms Sliced
Peppers (mixed) Diced/ Sliced
Celeriac Diced      
Sweet Potato Whole Peeled
Sweet Potato Chunky Cut
Butternut Squash Chunky Cut
Carrots Baton
Carrots Sliced
Carrots Diced
Carrots Top n' Tail
Carrots Chunky Cut
Carrots Shredded
Carrots Jullien
Carrots Rustic Hand Cut
Swede Baton                                    
Swede Diced                                    
Swede Chunky Cut
Parsnip Diced    
Parsnip Baton
Parsnip Toped n' Tailed
Parsnip Chunky Cut
Onions Whole Peeled
Onions Sliced  
Onions Diced
Onions Red Peeled Whole
Onions Red Sliced
Onions Red Diced
Carrot & Parsnip Mix Diced
Carrot & Parsnip Mix Chunky Cut
Carrot & Swede Mix Diced                            
Carrot & Swede Mix Chunky Cut    
Stir Fry Mix Various Mixes
Stew Mix Carrot/ Leek/ Celery/ Potato/ Onion/Parsnip
Coleslaw Mix White Cabbage & Carrot
Rainbow Coleslaw White Cabbage, Red Cabbage & Carrot
Soup Mix Various Mixes
Ratatouille Mix Various Mixes